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Online Firearms Purchases:
Purchasing a firearm online at is fairly simple but MaxPro Tactical does follow all Federal, State, and Local laws concerning the transfer of firearms. Before you purchase a firearm from MPT be sure to check that the firearm has no legal restrictions for your location and that you can fully meet all of the requirements of a lawful transfer of the firearm. Some LE and Government only firearms listed on our website have additional restrictions and may not be available for civilian or individual officer purchases.

Middle Tennessee Resident Firearm Purchases:
You can place your order online provided you pick up the newly purchased firearm at our location in Nashville. Simply place the firearm in your cart, follow all of the compliance guidelines, proceed through the check-out process, select “in store pickup”, and then contact us so we can arrange a time to complete the required transaction paperwork. This transaction will be subject to a $20 TICS background and processing fee payable at our Nashville location at time of the transaction.

Out of Tennessee Firearm Purchases and Shipped Firearms:
If you are a resident of a state, other than Tennessee, or are not local and are unable to pick up your firearm at MPT you may have it shipped to your local Federal Firearms Licensed holder, known as an FFL dealer. Simply place the firearm in your online shopping cart, follow all of the compliance guidelines, proceed through the check-out process, note the name of the FFL where the package will be shipped, and then email a copy of your state issued ID and a copy of the FFL to

We will promptly complete the required paperwork before shipping your package to the local FFL dealer. The local dealer will receive the firearm on your behalf and then you will be notified by email that it has arrived. You will then stop by the local FFL to complete the required government paper work to satisfy all of the Federal, State, and Local laws concerning the transfer of the firearm. The local dealer will then transfer the firearm into your possession while both you and your new firearm are in the local shop in your state of residence.

Be aware that dealers may charge a transfer fee for this service. Federal Firearm laws require that the purchaser must be the one to receive the firearm from the FFL and complete the proper government paperwork along with the background check.

Agency and Individual Officer Firearm Purchases:
Contact or (615) 618-9011 for details.

When you arrive at the local firearm dealer’s place of business, take a few minutes and examine the firearm that you ordered from MPT. Verify it is the firearm that you ordered by checking the make, model, and caliber of the firearm. If there is an issue with the firearm you ordered, do not complete the paperwork or background check and promptly notify us at (615) 953-2581. If the firearm meets your expectations, then you can begin the process of a legal firearm transfer from your local FFL dealer.

MPT offers a 3 Day Inspection Period in which you can evaluate your used firearm purchase. The inspection period begins on the day your used firearm is delivered to the FFL dealer. If the used firearm does not meet your expectations you must contact MPT within the 3 Day Inspection period.

Firearm Returns:
If a firearm needs to be returned to MPT, it must arrive back at our facility in the packaging and condition in which it was shipped. MPT will pay for the return shipping cost of a firearm not accepted during the inspection process. Upon receipt and inspection by MPT of the returned firearm, we will refund your money, less the original shipping and handling fees.

Refunds on returned firearms, for disapproved background checks related to the buyer’s history or failure of the buyer to order items which are not legally restricted in their city and/or state, shall be subject to shipping costs to and from MPT.

Warranty Information:
All firearms sales are final after the initial inspection and acceptance by the customer. New firearms purchased online at MPT are covered by the manufactures’ warranties. Please see the applicable manufacture's website or owner’s manual for the warranty specifics.

Used firearms purchased from MPT are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase, unless stated otherwise. Save the receipt as your proof of purchase should warranty work be required. Accidental damage, modifications, gunsmith work, abuse, and barrel/chamber ruptures are not covered by this guarantee/warranty.

Additional Information:
It is the customer’s responsibility to follow all Federal, State and Local laws. There are many websites and agencies that can provide information about firearm laws that must be adhered to when transferring a firearm. – The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm & Explosives (ATF) official website. – The ATF website that contains the state laws

MPT follows the law concerning the sale and transfers of all firearms and will not tolerate attempted illegal activity on this website or with our Company.

If you have any questions about whether an item can be shipped to you, please contact your local FFL holder or send the question to

Carrying and/or using a firearm submits the user to certain risks, therefore proper firearms safety training should be sought before use. Never handle or use any firearm without first being trained in the proper use and function of that firearm. Also correct fit, function, and use of any of our products should be determined by a qualified person such as a certified gunsmith. MaxPro Tactical and its employees assume no liability from any damages that result directly or indirectly from or while using any of our products.