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The following links are just a few of the professional groups in the industry.      
Personal Responsibility Inc.     Personal Responsibility Inc.  (Firearms and Tactical Training)
Associated Protective Services     Associated Protective Service (Specialized Security Services)
Yavapai Firearms Academy     Yavapai Firearms Academy LTD. 
Gunsite Academy     Gunsite Academy  (Firearms and Tactical Training)
Thunder Ranch     Thunder Ranch  (Firearms and Tactical Training)
EAG Tactical Training     EAG Tactical Training  (Firearms and Tactical Training)  
LMS Defense     LMS Defense  (Firearms and Tactical Training)
Marksmenship Matters     Marksmanship Matters  (Firearms Training)
Team One Network     Team One Network
T.E.E.S.     Tactical Energetic Entry Systems  (Tactical and Breaching Training) 

Kiwi Breaching Products

     Kiwi Breaching Products

National Security Associates     National Security Associates  (Tactical and Breaching Training) 
Singleton International     Singleton International  (Firearms Training)
Snipercraft Logo     Snipercraft and the American Sniper Association
High Ground Training Group      High Ground Training Group  (Firearms Training)
TRI On Rappel     Tactical Rappel Instruction  (High Angle Tactical Training) 
S.K.I.D.D.S Training     SWAT & K-9 Interaction During Deployment School 
National Tactical Officers Association     National Tactical Officers Association  
Training Edge     Training Edge  (Clan Lab Raid Entry Training) 
NRA Law Enforcement Training     NRA Law Enforcement  (Firearms Training) 
Int'l Assoc. of LE Firearms Instructors     International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors